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Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is going on...?

As you all know, that recently i have some problem with my gf. After a few days of separation, it's hard for me to get it through. The suffer that i felt hurt my heart a lot and making my head felt like it want to explode. So i decided to meet her and to make this thing clear.

The night before, i've been thinking a lot on how to settle this thing.

My heart says:
- I don't want to lose her.
- I don't want to be separated from her.
but my ego says:
- if we breaks then i will never meet her again.
until i recover.
but it will take a very long time

What should i do then? I must think logically and rationally...

That evening, i asked 2 of my friends to help me if something ever happen to me. I had to asked them to follow because in under such pressure mind, i can't think. I would never know what i had done until it already happened.

After 1 hour of driving, we arrived. I met her and we go to other place, leaving my friends there. And we talked about what happened to us these past few days. We talked for about 3 hours. Talked about this and that. Bla bla bla and so on...

In the end, it all came as clear as the water. Our relationship is good, but totally different from before. That's all i can say right now.

Basically, i have what i need...
- I don't have to lose her.
- I don't have to be separated from her.

That's all right now...
Need to go to the mosque, for solat Jumaat...


  1. time ko solat tu, doa yer..
    stay strong to u n for ur r/ship as well..

  2. it's not as strong as before...
    like the story about the rama-rama = love...
    you know what i mean rite?